She’s coming home!

Two weeks and a few days since we sent Serenity off to India where she learned to eat Indian style (with her hands), was able to see wild monkeys running freely in the village, meet the natives and love on the little children.


I have many pictures to share. Some are not the best quality but I love them just the same.


First time to have coconut milk straight from the coconut.

Afterwards, you scoop out the meat.



Visiting a very old temple one day where she actually saw someone offering a sacrifice.

We are so very thankful to this man and his wife who so willingly allowed Serenity to accompany them everywhere.

Thank you!


The Indian girls wanted to fix Serenity’s hair like their own and this was the result.



Serenity stayed at a hotel for 5 nights while in India. It’s cost? $30US per night. Not bad… but then one morning she found a large dropping on her sari and knew that there was a large rat somewhere. Her “watchful guardian mother in India” said, “Welcome to India” when Serenity told her about it. 🙂


The music is very different to what we have here in the States!

One evening they went to an exhibition and saw a booth called the Fish Spa. Whether they have spas like we have here in the USA I don’t know, but this spa was Indian style.

You put your feet into a pool of water and the little tiny fishies that are swimming in the water eat all your dead skin. Interesting!

Lots of giggles were heard from the kids as the fishes started tickling them.


See you soon, Serenity!



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