My girl is off…. flying half-way across the world to India. This has been in the planning for 9 months and it’s hard to believe it has now happened.


She made the 13 hour flight to Dubai, United Arab Emirates and I was delighted to hear she was seated next to a lady with a small child. After a layover in Dubai she completed her trip and arrived in Hyderabed, India. 30 hours of travel time altogether.


She’ll be experiencing India first-hand, meeting the people, living in their homes, eating their foods. I don’t know yet what sights she’ll see but it will all be a unique and interesting experience.

I’ve learned four things so far.

  1. their toilet is typically a hole in the ground but the house she is in currently has one toilet
  2. generally the family all sleeps in one room
  3. there are a plethora of motorbikes on the streets
  4. the driving is crazy



Goodbye USA. Hello India.

Ice cream on her first day? Nice. 🙂



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