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Hi!  I’m Elisabeth, mother of 6 and currently homeschooling 3 of them (three have graduated) and wife to a very patient and wonderful man. In 2013 our second born son was married and our first grandchild was born in August 2014!

I feel that being a homemaker is a gift and a privilege.

Yes, there is the laundry issue :), the dishes to face and the dust bunnies to deal with but we also have the opportunity to express ourselves in so many ways.  Society would tell us we’re stifling ourselves but what other job would let you explore so many different opportunities?

We can…

Cozy Up Our Nest

Make Our Table Lovely

Prepare Wholesome Food

Share Love Through Hospitality

Keep (or try to keep) the Home Organized


Hobby Farm


and ________________. (you fill in the blank)


Do I have bad days?

Uh, yes. Yes I do!

I felt like this last week.

Yeah, you can feel sorry for my kids if you want to.  They probably deserve a little pity. 🙂

But God is faithful and helps us through these times.  I love Him for his unfailing love to me.

So what is Treasuring the Moments all about?

It is the place where I share my love for all things related to homemaking, my love of family and my passion for homeschooling.

Thank You for stopping by.

If you would like to contact me directly, I’m at timbuck2mom{at}gmail{dot}com.  I would love to hear from you.

I have been inspired by so many bloggers.  I hope to also be an inspiration.