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World War I Co-op Speech Day – Part II

We’re home from a lovely Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania with family. So I need to finish telling you about our World War I homeschool day.  In my last post on our WWI speech day, I mentioned some of the speeches that were given. (The Sinking of the Lusitania, Donuts, Sgt. York, Army Nurses, Life in the Trenches, War Dogs and Cher-Ami the carrier pigeon. After the aforementioned speeches, we heard about The Forgotten Warriors (war horses), and then Wesley came and told us about Air Warfare and specifically Frank Luke. I found this to be an interesting point he brought out in his speech; although there are always conflicting numbers, the average number of days a pilot lived was 8 days with only 18 hours of active…

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Our World War I Co-op Speech Day – Part I

I have learned that… morning functions are a bit challenging.(cough, cough) Our World War I speech co-op day was held Saturday with guests arriving at 10:30a.m. so that we could begin at 11a.m., the time the war ended. But because of the challenge of morning functions, 🙂 we officially started about 11:15 with the shooting of our cannon and 30 seconds of silence. We had a really good day, the event was smaller than some of our others have been but for some reason I enjoyed it so much. Headquarters was in a canvas wall tent with a wood burning stove to keep us toasty or hot as some probably were. It was a perfect setting. I had a drink station set up outside the…

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Preparing for our Speech Day on World War I

Ready or not, our homeschool speech co-op day is happening Saturday. They have been so much fun in the past and the kids have a lot of great memories from these days. Medieval Times was a favorite but so was Under the Sea &  Pioneer Day, We’ve also done Democratic Republic of the Congo and Inventions. I think this must be our 6th time to have a homeschool speech co-op day. The point of our speech day is to teach our children public speaking skills but the bonuses are they get to learn about a subject in-depth (we hope), learn to write a speech and practice their public speaking skills all in a fun setting. We invite grandparents and others who we will feel are…

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WWI Study – High School Speech

We’ve started our WWI study in preparation for a group of us getting together in August (not sure about the date yet) for a speech day where each of the kids will give a speech on something they’ve been studying related to WWI. To begin Wesley’s study he is reading Lusitania by Diana Preston. For our high school students we have started steering them away from giving an informative speech and are asking them to experiment with new types of speeches.  This year they can choose from the following: Special Occasion Speaking (SOS): SOS is an event where students prepare a humorous speech on a timely and relevant topic. This can be influenced through news, politics, current events, trends, and so on.  It must be geared towards a…

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Our Middle Ages Co-op Day – Part I

Here at last I’m getting to the pictures of our co-op day.  How fun it was! The day started out beautifully and the framework for our marketplace was started.   But then it started to rain and it rained off and on for several hours.   We couldn’t put the sheets on the “roof” of the marketplace because of the rain.  What to do?  Our whole event was planned for the outdoors.  A last minute decision was made to move into the racquetball court.  Off to the store some of the men went to buy some plywood and such for a platform and straw for the floor.  A racquetball court is very echoey so you have to do something to absorb sound.     Meanwhile, much…

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Immersing Ourselves in the Middle Ages

Once a year, myself and some other homeschoolers from our church, get together for a speech/co-op day. Several months before we give our speeches, we vote on a topic; the children study it, write a speech and then deliver it to friends and family on the appointed day. We go all out with props, costumes, food and games. The children get to put into play their creative skills and practice speech making. This will be our 5th year. Thus far our Co-op days have been… Democratic Republic of the Congo (we have a family at our church that moved from there and we thought it would be a great opportunity to learn some things firsthand) (Wesley did his speech on the food of the DROC….

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