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A Simple Valentine’s Day Tablescape

♥ I interrupt our regular India trip reports to bring you a simple, inexpensive Valentine’s Day tablescape. ♥   I cut a long piece of butcher paper (you can buy a large roll at one of the bulk warehouses) and just painted red x’s and o’s all over it.   A tribute to India at Serenity’s place. (carved elephant she brought home as a souvenir)   For the first time in 27 years of marriage we had rib-eye steak. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever bought any kind of steak before. Ninety-nine per cent of our meat consumption is elk that we have hunted. It was a big treat and as one of the kids said, our meal was cheaper (even with it being…

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Christmas 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 is here already. It sure did come along fast! We had an amazing holiday with family. Twenty-nine of us were gathered here at the ranch for 5 days. No, my house isn’t a mansion but when you have people willing to be stuck into every nook and cranny, it works. Russell and I spent our time in the laundry room and I had a sister and her husband stay in our new pantry. Headspace at night for them was a little low (they were partially under the bottom shelves) but they had a little heater in there along with a small lamp and it actually looked pretty cozy in there. The festivities started on the evening of Christmas Eve. We had…

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A Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving – a wonderful time to be with family and depending on the year, some friends, too. This year (like last year), our oldest won’t be here. My oldest that has been spending half the year (it feels like) in the Great White North has once again left for a second year with helping some friends in their commercial ice fishing operation. (Click on the links to see some of his past trips – it’s pretty interesting) Zachary, who was married this past May won’t be with us on Thanksgiving either.  I may have to adopt the Canadian Thanksgiving just to have my whole family here.  Thanksgiving in October? – that would be a real mental switch. 🙂   So, minus Seth, we had our…

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A Yellow Accented Tablescape

This past week we had a small dinner party.  I had so much fun coming up with this tablescape using the napkins I bought for my Thanksgiving tablescape in 2011.   My thoughtful niece gave me this yellow pitcher at Christmas time.  It’s perfect for my home. Next to it is the little salt and pepper shaker that my son gave me years ago.    I had Russell cut me a few branches from a bush that grows near our house for my centerpiece.  Very frugal, eh?   Have a happy week! Linking up with: Between Naps on the Porch Romance on a Dime

A Nature Inspired Christmas Tablescape

We had Christmas with mom and dad here at my house. Ten of us.  Pretty small since we normally have my sisters and their families but things just happened to work out that way this year. Since I didn’t have any Christmassy dishes, I decided to go with a tablescape that had more of a nature look. I decided to use a toolbox my boys had made when they were little as my centerpiece.  I filled the toolbox with some juniper branches, poked some red material around the base of the branches, added a poinsettia and a bit of cranberry garland.  I loved how it turned out. For our Christmas Dinner we had: Grilled Leg of Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary – Delicious! Spinach Salad w/ Bleu Cheese, Oranges…

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A Christmas Tea Tablescape

Today I’m joining up with Layla at The Lettered Cottage.  We’re supposed to show some type of Table Decor for the holidays.  Well I kind of misunderstood and was thinking it just meant tablescapes. I got my Christmas tea set out that my mother gave me several years ago.  She purchased it from Spiegal.  (Are they still around?) They’re so delicate and have such a bright crisp pattern that I love.     d   Tea Time! Hot tea, shortbread, cucumber sandwiches… Mmmm… sounds warming!  The temperature outside right now is 29°F.   Sending you some warm Christmas Cheer. Linking up with: Romance on a Dime 

A Green Tablescape with Some Purple Accents

Most of the children were gone so I had an opportunity to use my green placemats and napkins that I’ve had for many years.  I love their color. The centerpiece was some dried flowers I had bought for a craft project which has not been completed! My Scottish plate showing the national flower for Scotland – the thistle. Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed your visit!  Visit Between Naps on the Porch for more tablescape inspiration.

Red and White Tablescape

I served Italian the night we had this tablescape. The pictures appear to be a little distorted.     Tip:  Always be sure your tablecloth is smoothed out and doesn’t have wrinkles like mine is showing.  If you have actual wrinkles, take a spray bottle filled with water and spray the wrinkle generously.  It’s a quick little fix that can really help if you’re in a hurry.   To see many other beautiful tablescapes visit Between Naps on the Porch.

A Very Simple Spring-Time Tablescape

Looking for a simple breakfast tablescape?  Then you’re at the right place.  I don’t have a vast collection of dishes to change my table around every week so I like to use what I do have and try to think of new and pleasing ways to present it. Thanks, Susan for letting me participate even though I don’t have a super fancy table and a huge variety of plates, etc.  I do get inspiration seeing what everyone else is doing. This particular spring morning, when I set my table, we had a few famlies stop by for a breakfast as they were travelling through.  One of my favorite tablecloths is one that I made.  I love the colors because it looks so cheerful to me.  Uhhh hmmm, I noticed…

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My Mother’s Day Tablescape

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of doing a special Mother’s Day luncheon for my mom.  She lives across the United States in Illinois and I have never been able to celebrate Mother’s Day with her since I was married 22 years ago.  They were only going to be here for 2 days so I had to do it then or miss my opportunity and I sure didn’t want that to happen. I decided to use my wedding china – the only china I own. The pattern is La Rose by Mikasa. A photo from above. I actually forgot to take a close-up of the place setting last Sunday, so I had to recreate it. We had a delicious meal of: turkey mashed potatoes & gravy…

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Nautical Theme Tablescape

We were having company for dinner and I was serving fish.  I started wondering what I could do to make the table look “fishy”.  Now, I never used to think about how I would dress up my tables but Susan at Between Naps on the Front Porch has made me start to think.  Many times I don’t have a clue what to do or I don’t have anything that seems appropriate but this time I managed to scrape up a few props to go along with my Nautical Theme    I always have so much fun doing this, especially when things seem to come together.  The shells and fish net were all things I had left from Serenity’s Tropical Tea Party.    An unused…??? (I’m sorry but…

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A Romantic Tablescape

Today’s romantic tablescape for two was a nice diversion from my usual settings for 8.  This tablescape presented its own challenges since the table was quite small and it was easy to get everything too squeezed together, and as always I seem to get stumped when it comes to centerpiece ideas.  Here are the components that made up the two table settings.  I started with red plates I found on clearance at Kmart, with a smaller plate that has a tiny flower print purchased when my husband and I went to Scotland several years ago and lastly an even smaller clear dish given to me by a friend.  I thought it would be fun to incorporate Scrabble letters.  This one says, “Sweetheart.” These Scrabble tiles say “I Love You.” I placed red stone…

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A Biblical Theme

Since we were having our first youth Bible study at our house last week, I thought I would try to put a Bible themed centerpiece together for our breakfast table.  I’m not sure if I succeeded or if it looks like it’s time to go caroling. The little village church was started by me and finished by my mother several years ago.  I placed a quote of Bro. William Branham’s beside it, reminding us all to read our Bible every day. Red goblets would be so pretty with these dishes.  Anyone know of a good source for these kinds of things at a reasonable price?  I would want 12.

A Christmas Tablescape

I had fun putting this one together.  It’s my usual simple style but I think it looks very Christmassy.  This is pretty much how out table will look for our Christmas dinner except that I will be setting a table for 20. This picture was taken without a flash. My apologies for the poor quality. This centerpiece I put together using a silver tray I had on hand (got this idea from another blogger but can’t remember who- never would have thought of it).  I found garland for 75% off at Goodwill, the cranberries from Salvation Army, candles and flower from Wal-Mart.  I am totally pleased with how it turned out.  It was so little effort and yet it looks quite nice I think. Another…

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A Quick Wintertime Tablescape

Monday our family had some visitors drop by for breakfast.  I didn’t know they were coming until an 1 1/2 or so before they arrived.  I wanted the table to look welcoming and pretty but I needed to do something quick. I was pretty pleased since I usually don’t know what in the world to use for a centerpiece. My pine arrangement would have looked a little puny so adding the fabric helped. The fabric was about 6′ long and I just knotted the ends and wrapped the container with it. I then nestled a few snowflakes in here and there. This little tureen I found at Goodwill a few weeks ago for $5.00. It was missing its ladle but I’ll just substitute a metal…

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Thanksgiving Name Cards

For most of my dinner gatherings I use name cards. They’re fun to make and it just seems to add a fun touch, in my opinion.  When using name cards, I try to seat people with someone that I think they’ll be comfortable with. Here are a few ideas I’ve found for Thanksgiving. Martha Stewart has this Mayflower centerpiece.  Unless you enlarge it, the template is not big enough for a centerpiece.  It also is much too time consuming and complicated. Have you ever heard of veneer for a craft project? I wouldn’t even know where to find it. For my Mayflower I used construction paper (after my first failed attempt using Martha’s directions) and hot glued it together.  Very easy.  I also used a thin bamboo skewer…

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Thanksgiving Tablescapes Inspiration

I’ll be cooking away the next few days since the hubby and boys will be going on their last hunt of the year.  I think we’ll be well stocked for the coming year.  We already have 2 elk that’s ready to be picked up at the butcher and now we may have another one?  This hunt is going to be all about horns so they will spending long days in the woods looking for that monster bull.  I have to come up with 7 suppers that are easy for them to put together heat up.  Lucky for them they will have my middle son, Zachary along to be camp chef.  The rest of them are a bit challenged in the kitchen. Anyways, since you heard the update about…

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Tea in the Tropics

My daughter hosted a Tea in the Tropics for her tea party club.  What fun we had putting together this theme! Even our old and ugly orange chairs were right at home in this colorful setting. The napkins came from They have a wide selection of colors and I think their prices are very reasonable. Including shipping, the cost of each napkin was $.75 and the shipping was fast.  The “tablecloth” was material that we found on clearance.  I paid $20 and the material covered 3 tables. The centerpieces were fun to make. I took jars I had around the house, filled them with water and added shells from the Dollar Store. I put a few drops of blue food coloring in the water, cut some of…

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Enjoying the Last Bits of Summer – Tablescape

Only 1 week till my two oldest sons are back home.  I’m so excited!  They’ve been gone too long and I’m anxious to have all my chicks back in the nest. 😀 Oh, yes.  I’m supposed to be showing you the tablescape I did this week.  I’ll be happy to oblige, my friends… The weather has been quite nice in the mornings and we have been enjoying eating out on our little balcony. I find it quite challenging trying to think of new combinations for a tablescape using what I already own – and I’m only on my 3rd tablescape.  You ladies that do it week after week are so creative and amazing. A very sweet young friend gave me these dishes that she found…

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My Chinese Tablescape

Preparing a Chinese meal this week of Won Ton Soup and an Orange Beef served over rice, I decided to try a Chinese Tablescape.  Kinda, sorta.  I guess it’s probably more a Chinese/American tablescape.  I think I need to be on the lookout for some inexpensive Chinese bowls, plates and other goodies since Chinese cuisine is not completely unheard of around here. This small wood carving we purchased in China when my husband and I were there 20 years ago this month.  The Oriental Poppies I won in a drawing along with the placemat it is setting on. Won Ton Soup that was quite good but not like Mr. Tim’s.  Mr. Tim is the chef/owner of a local Chinese restaurant and I have never found…

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