It’s January 23 already? How quickly this month has flown by! Serenity leaves this Friday on a special 2 week trip. She’s flying to India  where she will meet up with some family friends who will be with her until it’s time to return back to the States. She’s excited and at the same time a little bit nervous about going.


Seth’s wedding is only 34 days away which means I have to get a mother-of-the-groom outfit which causes me no end of grief! And I have to get something for my hubby and daughter to wear. Oh dear! These are the kinds of things that stress me!


I have so many things I want to get started on around here. Organizational projects and decorating projects. I’m feeling like I really need to pare down what I keep. I’m a sentimental soul and I have a lot of interests so it’s really hard for me but using the Kon Mari question of “Does it spark joy?”, I think I can finally approach my “stuff” in a more objective manner and start minimizing what I keep.

I have talked to more than one person who said that the more things they got rid of, the more freer they felt, and then it becomes addicting and makes you want to pare down even more.

So whatever decluttering project I start, my #1 question will be, “Does this spark joy?” Some of the items I will just have to be realistic about because even though it may not spark joy that doesn’t mean I will get rid of the item (like my faded-from-the-sun couches). I will keep them until I am able to replace them but for many, many items, I will ask that one simple question. “Does this bring me joy?”

Why Do I Want to Do This?

I want to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

I want all piles gone! This means papers, clothes and miscellaneous. Papers are the worst for me. I bought a great little scanner and I’m hoping to go paperless for a lot of things. (fingers crossed that I can pull that off)  Then there are the small piles of clothing I always have going in the laundry room – clothes that the kids have outgrown. I seriously need to do a big clothing purge with my two youngest.

I have my work cut out in the decluttering department, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of posts coming up on the subject. After all, organization is a love of mine!

Question for you

What is the one thing in your homemaking that you wish you could wave a magic wand and it be done? What are some of the problems you face in regards to homemaking?





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