Sometimes my life seems really odd compared to those of my friends.  Take for instance the other night.

I retire for the evening at about 9 p.m.


I am having a good rest until at some unknown hour an obnoxious smell invades my subconscious.  But still I continue to sleep lightly.  My husband then comes to bed and I am awakened.

What is that smell?” I ask.

“Seth came home,” was the reply.

Now that sounds really bad.  As if that reply answered why there was an odious odor.  You will be glad to know that there was more of an explanation coming.

“He caught a skunk in one of his traps instead of a bobcat.”

Apparently, after dispatching the skunk, my son then proceeded to skin it.  So I’m thinking that Seth came home and left his clothes somewhere in the house which would account for the smell.  Russell checks but cannot find them.

The next morning when I awake the house still smells like skunk… and we have 50 people coming for Bible Study.

Great. I may have to issue clothespins to my guests.

I wash my sheets just like I do every Friday and go on the balcony to hang them out in the open air and I see his trapping clothes.  Aha, that is why it smells like skunk out there on my balcony.  His clothes are sent to the laundry for a good washing.

Feeling perplexed because the smell of skunk is still in the air,  I proceed to hang my sheets but then happen to look below and what do I see but the skunk’s hide stretched out on the tanning board. Right. against. the. house.

Skunk de la parfume, anyone?


Then just today while Serenity and I are preparing supper, noises from the basement could be heard . “Ooooo, laaaa, laaaa.”  Although the song had words they were not distinguishable but it sounded suspiciously like an opera being sung in our guest apartment.

Sung with gusto!

male opera singer

But not to worry, it was just my husband practicing for a 30 year music reunion/tribute for his old voice teacher.  “Ooooo, laaaa, laaaa.”


Would anyone like to be our neighbor? 🙂

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