Only 8 days till the wedding!

Everything seems to be going quite well.  Whew!

Serenity made all the bread for the rehearsal dinner the other day.  Rosemary bread to go along with the lasagna we’ll be having.  I’m having so much fun getting together things for the rehearsal.  I’ve used my Silhouette machine quite a bit.  Still loving it.

I was so proud of Serenity.  She had a long day making all the loaves!

Justus’s birthday decorations were still up.  But I finally took the time to remove them after this picture.  Aren’t you proud of me? It was only a week after his birthday. 🙂IMG_4279

Brushing on the egg glaze

rosemary loaves

Beautiful finished loaves

rosemary bread

Sliced, buttered and in the freezer. 🙂IMG_4295

Thank you, Serenity!!

A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer.

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