Three roll-off dumpsters filled with junk were sent to the dump. I was okay with that, after all my son was cleaning up his new rental home. The owner had passed away and he must have had very eclectic interests for there were stamp collections, coin collections, books, silverware, all kinds of things.  He had it all.

Things were going to the dump, wood was being unloaded in our scrap pile and then there were the collections that were being brought home so that research could be done to see if there was any resell value.

But then just 2 days ago I was going by the scrap pile and I saw…

I saw things I shouldn’t have seen for now it makes me wonder what all was discarded because it was of no value to my son.

Oh, the treasures that could have been in those 3 dumpsters.

We’ll never know, but I was able to salvage a few things from the scrap pile.

I pulled out some of the pieces I wanted from the scrap pile but it wasn’t until yesterday that we brought them up to the house. In the meantime it had rained.

These two ends had a tabletop as well but now I think it might be beyond repair because of the rain. The layers are separating and it’s in really bad shape. These ends must have been more protected. salvaged furniture

The headboard isn’t anything special but I thought that if it fit a queen size bed I would try and give it a shabby chic finish. Experiment a little and learn the process since I’m new to this whole thing of refinishing furniture. salvage furniture salvage furniture

I just love this tool box. salvage furniture toolbox

I don’t know what I’m going to do with it all but these pieces seemed as if they could have some potential. Any suggestions?

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