von_bremenDon’t underestimate what you as a mother does every day for your child. When our culture’s message makes us feel that we are not living up to our true potential, don’t believe it.


We take for granted what we offer our children – love, security, and the caring not only for their physical needs but their emotional needs. These are not things they can live without. It is vital to their lives.


I just finished reading a gripping book by Laura Schroff called The Invisible Thread where she tells of the friendship she developed with an 11-year old black boy who was a panhandler on the streets begging for money so he could eat.
Ms. Schroff made a difference in Maurice’s life, not because she had money to buy him things, which she did, but because she showed him love by feeding him, washing his clothes and talking with him.
At his request, she gave him his school lunch every day in a brown paper bag because to Maurice that represented parents who cared.
Don’t feel you are not making a difference in this world. You are. In the life of that little boy or girl that The Lord gave you, you are the world, and just by showing physical affection, care and love you are influencing a life.


But don’t let it stop with that. Show him Christ. Tell him about Jesus, read to him the Bible and take him/her to church. He is our reason for living so why we would not want to pass on this to our children?  Pray for and with your children.
And you will have made a difference. In a world that is becoming increasingly more chaotic, you will have provided a mooring – a stable environment filled with love – and that’s something that not every child gets. Take advantage of it.
Wrap that little boy or girl in your arms today and tell them how precious they are to you, how beautiful and how you love them more than anything else.
You are a mother and you are the world to that child.  Savor that fact and make the most of it.
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