Getting to the good stuff in a pomegranate is so laborious that many times who wants to bother?  Oh and talk about being messy!

Growing up we would actually dig into the pomegranate half with a spoon.  Now that was supper messy!

After I was married I did it differently. We would actually deseed the entire thing before eating.

But now…

                     Oh, you are going to love this…

Now, I have learned a new way. My firefighter brother-in-law, who has to do some cooking when he’s on shift, learned a new way that is so amazing and totally makes deseeding a pomegranate a breeze.

Watch the video and if you don’t believe it, TRY IT!

                    It works!


I’ve not tried it with a wooden spoon but I see a lot of people using them. My thoughts would be the heavier the object used to strike the pomegranate, the quicker the job.

                         Now go try it on a pomegranate and tell me you didn’t love it! 🙂

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