The camping trip was a success and the kids were all returned safely to their parents, although much dirtier than when they arrived! (for sure!)  :)IMG_5802

I had a lot of fun with the food this time.  I was trying to think of meals that kids would enjoy but that would be different than the normal fare you have when camping.

I came up with:

  • Pita pizzas on the grill
  • Eggs in the Dutch Oven with orange rolls cooked in orange rinds
  • Nachos
  • For dessert we had marshmallows (of course!) and banana boats

campfire breakfast orange rolls cooked in oranges




Listening intently to a great mountain man story about Hugh Glass.



A rattlesnake was spotted not by me but by Audrey and another little girl who were walking back to our house from the camping area.  As they were walking they heard a rattle and looked over and saw a diamond back rattlesnake all coiled ready to strike and they were only about 1 1/2′ away.  They of course ran away.  So thankful the Lord watched over them.



I hope we’re making great memories for the kids as well as giving them an appreciation of the outdoor life – learning how to build campfires, finding their way around in the woods and just having a good time.




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