Hello, ladies.  I’m pretty excited that I finally got to finish my flag project.  Two flags, as a matter of fact.

I wanted to paint a USA flag and a Canadian flag on old wood.  For my purposes, I used a pallet that we had lying around.  I removed the boards, cut them to the size I wanted and then we attached them together by laying a couple of strips of wood down and stapling the boards I wanted to them.

Sorry, I don’t have a picture of the underside to show you how we attached them but you probably have it figured out already anyways… right?

pallet project


The next step was to prime the boards.  I used Kiltz.  I wanted to prime them so that I wouldn’t have to use as much paint in the final process.  (Note:  I’m really a newbie at painting but I’ve read a lot of blogs and they always talk about priming so I asked my husband plenty of questions about it, so that I could understand better why I needed to do it at all.)

Kiltz is an oil based primer so I ended up throwing away the paint brush when I was done since it was an inexpensive one.  If you get it on your hands, it wants to stay.  You need some kind of

 pallet project


I started painting the Canadian flag first since that seemed like it was going to be the easiest.  I used masking tape to define my areas. Red on the left and right and white in the middle.  I found a Canadian Maple leaf online and printed it out using Printmaster.  I then traced the leaf onto the wood.

pallet project

The finished piece…

painted Canadian flag on reclaimed pallet

Next up was the United States of America flag.  It went pretty well except I was stumped on what I was going to use for the stars.  I asked for different ideas and my son thought of making a stamp.  Then I rememberd I had a rubber stamp with stars.  I used my paint brush to apply white paint to the biggest star and then stamped them on.  After each star was stamped I had to reapply the white paint.

Here’s the finished USA flag.

reclaiming a pallet for a flag

I’m using these to decorate my boys’ bedroom.  They’re now mounted on the wall and I think they look pretty good.  I’ll show you the mostly finished corner next week.

Have a great weekend!

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