When I was somewhere between 15-18 years old, my parents bought me my hope chest. Mom is a big fan of putting things away for that very special day in every girls life – their wedding, and she always helped each of us girls with our collection of things for our future homes. So when I married I had many sets of tea towels and bath towel sets. Being the 3rd born, I did get way less than my older sister (I had to tell the truth, sis. 🙂 ). My big sister had so much but the sad thing is most of it stayed in storage and the mice enjoyed all the things made of fabric (like towels) before she got to. Edited: My sister has informed me that I am incorrect. Nothing was eaten by mice. A made-up memory of mine, I guess. 🙂

A picture of my daughter Serenity with the hope chest Seth had built for her.

When you’re raised by a wonderful homemaking mother and your desire is to someday be mistress of your own domain, then the hope chest becomes something very special to you. And that’s how it was for me. When I married, I remember sitting on the floor of my first house as I went through the items mom had helped me collect over the years.

There are so many things that a couple will need/want to spend their money on when they are first married besides the basics that it is certainly nice to have a little head start in the items needed to run a home.  Yes, there are bridal showers but you may not get certain items that you really would like and besides it’s fun buying for that future day.

You don’t need an actual hope chest to start collecting things.  You can use a rubbermaid container, a drawer in your dresser or you might even find something at the thrift store that will hold your special items.

Things Not to Collect

Here are some things you won’t want to collect

1. Home Decor (after a short while this will be dated)

2. Perishables

3. Dishes that are not neutral since you may really dislike the pattern by the time you get married


Here are a list of items that I think are good choices for your “hope chest”.

hope chest items

1. Salad Tongs

2. Small Spatula

3. Measuring Spoons

4. Grapefruit Spoons

5. Mini-tongs (you’ll be surprised at how many uses you will find for these)

6. Small Ladle

7. Pie Server

8. Tea Towels

9. Dish Cloths

10. Towel Sets

11. Wooden Spoons

12. Measuring Cups

13. Dishes (that are neutral)

14. Rubber Spatula

15. Wooden Spatulas

16. Recipes

17. Any heirloom items being passed on to you

18. Expensive things like pots & pans…

20. Knife Set

21. Grain Mill

22. Bosch or Kitchen Aid

23. Glass Pitcher

24. Potato Peeler

25. Large Ladle

26. Serving dishes that are neutral or glass

27. Embroidered Pillowcases

28. Handmade Quilts

29. Pampered Chef items like oven stones

These are the items I can think off the top of my head.

Are there any other things you could add to the list?


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